The Morlington Mysteries

From 1996 to 2021, 368 THEATRE COMPANY presented a monthly "murder mystery soap opera" in a variety of venues that included jailhouses, steam trains, castles and restaurants. Every month a new episode would not only present the audience with an opportunity to "solve the crime" but continue the long-running story ... More

Detective Inspector, mad scientist and Victorian gent!

Nigel can be heard as Mr Willis in the new full cast drama serial "DODGE AND TWIST" starring Matt Lucas and Stephen Mangan (available now from Audible) and also as mad scientist Dr Pinch in "Doctor Who: Inside Every Warrior" (released in March by Big Finish). He can also be heard as Detective Inspector Cribbage in ... More


In 2018, Nigel made his debut at the National Theatre in TRANSLATIONS by Brian Friel, directed by Ian Rickson. More

Silent Witness

Nigel will be seen on screen in the latest series of SILENT WITNESS this year More

The Appeal of Silence

In 2017 Nigel appeared in his own play, THE APPEAL OF SILENCE. Review: "This is a script that took us quite by surprise as it refuses to conform to expectation and tears itself from the constraints of frothy romcom to roar and writhe as a maddened meditation on homophobic bullying, full of fire and fury" Beatie ... More

Shilling and Sixpence Investigate

Last year, Nigel appeared as D.I.Cribbage in his own audio series, SHILLING AND SIXPENCE INVESTIGATE, starring Celia Imrie and David Warner, now available from Audible. ★★★★★ 5 Star ratings from Audible Download from here More

My Gay Best Friend

MY GAY BEST FRIEND is a heart-warming, ultimately moving exploration of friendship, co-written and performed by Nigel Fairs and Louise Jameson. It was first performed in 2012, when it won an Argus Angel Award during the Brighton Festival, and has since been performed around the world, including Off Broadway and ... More

The House

In 2017, Nigel played Martyn, a New York dentist, in THE HOUSE, for the Theatre company KatAlyst in a UK tour. The play is a social satire focusing on two couples – one who are selling their beloved family home and the other who are buying it. All seems well as contracts are signed, but as the drinks start flowing ... More


Nigel played Dr Kenny in Emmerdale, a scene from the show can be seen in his current showreel. More

House of Ghosts

Nigel toured as Inspector Morse in HOUSE OF GHOSTS with Baroque Theatre. You can read an interview with him here. Production photos: More