My Mother Was An Alien – Is That Why I’m Gay?

MY MOTHER WAS AN ALIEN – IS THAT WHY I’M GAY? made its debut at the Brighton Festival 1998, after which the play transferred to Earl’s Court. In 2011 the play was rewritten and performed at Arundel Jailhouse, as part of the Arundel Festival. A year later an audio version was released by Big Finish productions.


“They fuck you up, your mum and dad” – more precisely in Nigel Fairs’ new play, it is bitch mother Yvette, an ‘Abfab’ TV has-been mother from Hell. But then everyone in this perspective piece, with well-pointed, acerbic one-liners, is fucked up, obsessed and devoted to someone or something. And because Fairs writes with compassion and wit, this is not just another gay play. It is the ‘been there, done that, got the T-shirt’ factor that strikes home, makes you laugh, wince and reflect. Relationship-wise, the characters are all heading for disaster with neat twists and shocks in the well-constructed plot.”
Jan Whitehead, THE STAGE

“The characters are colourfully drawn and engagingly played by a strong cast. The fast moving plot holds our interest, the script is spiked with wit.”
Douglas McPherson, WHAT’S ON

Big Finish audio cd
directed by JOHN AINSWORTH