Nigel trained at Bretton Hall, graduating in 1984. He is now an actor and writer, living in Penzance.

2022 – Lord Baskerville, HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (tour) dir. Martin Parsons

2022 – Len, IN FROM THE SIDE (Big Finish)  dir. Matt Carter

2022 – D.I. Cribbage, SHILLING & SIXPENCE INVESTIGATE: IN LOVING MEMORY (Big Finish) dir. Samuel Clemens

2022 –  The Announcer, DOCTOR WHO (Big Finish) dir. Dominic Martin

2022 – Bill Crayshaw, REVENGE (tour) dir. Louise Jameson

2020 – Jonathan Ashen, ASHENS & THE POLYBIUS HEIST (Big Finish)  dir. Riyad Barmania

2020 – Sir Valentine, THE AVENGERS (Big Finish)  dir. Samuel Clemens

2020 –  Curtis, DOCTOR WHO (Big Finish) dir. Samuel Clemens

2020 – Inspector Sixpence,  THE POGLEY WOOD MURDERS (audio)

2019 – Judge, SILENT WITNESS (BBC)

2019 – Pinch, DOCTOR WHO (Big Finish) dir. Helen Goldwyn
2019 – Willis, DODGE AND TWIST (Audible) dir. David Darlington
2018 – US Lancey, TRANSLATIONS (National Theatre) dir. Ian Rickson
2018 – Barry, UNFORGOTTEN (ITV)
2018 – D.I. Cribbage, SHILLING & SIXPENCE INVESTIGATE (Big Finish) dir. Samuel Clemens
2018 – Gavin, MY GAY BEST FRIEND (theatre) dir. Veronica Roberts
2017 – Alfred Douglas, OLIVE AND BOSIE (theatre) dir. Kat Rogers
2017 – Jay, THE APPEAL OF SILENCE (theatre) dir. Louise Jameson
2017 – Martyn, THE HOUSE (theatre) dir. Keith Myers
2016 – Tony Mancini, THE BRIGHTON KILLERS (theatre) dir. Kat Rogers
2016 – John Haigh, IN CONVERSATION WITH AN ACID BATH MURDERER (tour) dir. Louise Jameson
2015 – Dr Kenny, EMMERDALE (ITV) dir. Alan Wareing
2015 – George, DRIVING ME ROUND THE BEND (Sevenoaks) dir. John Ainsworth
2015 – Inspector Morse, HOUSE OF GHOSTS, (tour) dir. Adam Morley
2014 – Dr Watson, TO KILL A CANARY, Henley, dir. Ian McFarlane
2013 – Baron Hardup, CINDERS, Emporium, Brighton, dir. James Weiz
2013 – Douglas/Leonard/Elaine, DIDN’T YOU USED TO BE DEREK JACOBI? (tour) dir. Louise Jameson
2013 – The Creature, DOCTOR WHO: THE ABANDONED (cd) Big Finish, dir. Ken Bentley
2013 – Matthew, CRUISING, Brighton Festival
2013 – Oscar Wilde, IN EXTREMIS, (tour) Kean Productions
2012 – Daniel, COMING IN TO LAND, Brighton Festival
2011 – Danny, MY MOTHER WAS AN ALIEN – IS THAT WHY I’M GAY?, Arundel Jailhouse
2011 – John Haigh, IN CONVERSATION WITH AN ACID BATH MURDERER (CD) dir. Louise Jameson
2011 – Silas Collins, DARK SHADOWS: THE CRIMSON PEARL (CD) Big Finish
2011 – The Dark Lord, DARK SHADOWS: THE CARRION QUEEN (CD) Big Finish
2011 – Matthew, HONEYMOON FROM HELL (Brighton Festival) dir. Louise Jameson
2010 – Edward, LOVE’S THE THING, Lamb Theatre, Eastbourne
2010 – Charles Neville, PEACEHAVEN ON SPECIAL OFFER, The Company, dir. Stephen Israel
2009 – various, SEVEN AGES OF MAN,  Underground, Eastbourne, dir. Louise Jameson
2009 – The Governor, I GOT HERE FIRST, Trinity, Tunbridge Wells, dir. Louise Jameson
2009 – The Dark Lord, DARK SHADOWS: FINAL JUDGEMENT (cd)  Big Finish
2008 – Narrator, DR WHO: THE McGANN YEARS, BBC 7, dir. Gary Russell
2007 – Voice-over, BRIGHTON & HOVE TOUR, Cool City Walks, dir. Keith Pendleton
2005 – Baron Hardup, CINDERELLA, Stafford Gatehouse, dir. Arthur Bostrom
2003 – Yal Rom, DOCTOR WHO: NEKROMANTIA, (cd) Big Finish, dir. John Ainsworth
2002 – Richard, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE: A NEW ATLANTIS (cd)  Big Finish, dir. Jason Haigh Ellery
2001 – The Master, DO YOU HAVE A LICENSE? (video) BBV, dir. William Baggs
2001 – Narrator, WHAT’S ON WELCOME (corporate) dir. Liggy Webb
2001 – The Sontarans, THE ELEVEN DAY EMPIRE (cd)  BBV
2000 – Gary, DOCTOR WHO: SHADOW OF THE SCOURGE, (cd) Big Finish, dir. Gary Russell
2000 – Nelson, NELSON AND EMMA, Norwich, dir. Ruth Carney
2000 – Young Scrooge, A GAY CHRISTMAS CAROL  (musical)  Brighton
1999 – Noel Coward, TWO FLATS & A SHARP (tour) Classic Reaction, dir. Mary Riley
1999 – Edward, LOVE’S THE THING (theatre)  Classic Reaction, tour, Sussex
1998 – Frank Churchill, EMMA (tour) Classic Reaction, dir. Abigail Anderson
1998 – Paris, ROMEO AND JULIET, King’s Head, Islington, dir. Dan Crawford
1998 – Arnold, GUESTS FOR THE NIGHT (cd) BBV
1998 – Danny, MY MOTHER WAS AN ALIEN – IS THAT WHY I’M GAY? (theatre) Brighton/London
1997 – Arnolphe, SCHOOL FOR WIVES, Horsham Arts Centre, dir. Kate Hall
1997 – Matthew, HONEYMOON FROM HELL  (theatre)  Brighton
1996 – Pepe, PRINCESS FORGET ME NOT (tour) Platform Touring, dir. Richard Totman
1996 – Peter, EASTENDERS, BBC, dir. Sue Butterworth
1996 – Richard, TRUTH, STRIP OR DARE  (theatre)  Brighton
1995-present Insp Vermin, THE MORLINGTON HILL MYSTERIES, 368 Theatre co
1995 – Demon King, THE SNOW QUEEN (tour) Platform Touring, dir. Richard Totman
1994-95 – Christopher Wren, THE MOUSETRAP, West End, dir. David Turner
1994 – Charles Darney, A TALE OF TWO CITIES, Haywards Heath, dir. William Gilbert
1994 – Mark’s twin, HEAVEN’S A DRAG,  (film) TDF, dir. Peter Mackenzie Litton
1993 – David, CASUALTY, BBC, dir. Alan Wareing
1992 – Edward, TELEPHONE BELLES, Man in the Moon, Islington, dir. Jenny Darnell
1992 – Henry, MERMAID SANDWICH, Man in the Moon, Islington, dir. Phil Wilmott
1992 – Brian, IN BED WITH BRIAN, PAM, BOB AND PAUL  (theatre)  Brighton
1991 – John, I THOUGHT I HEARD A CUCKOO, (tour) White Horse, dir. Graham Spicer
1991 – Brad, MOMI THE MOVIE (film)
1990 – Richard, OUT OF HOURS, Old Red Lion, Islington, dir. Mark Trotman
1990 – Nic, MORE THAN A MESSIAH, (video) BBV, dir. William Baggs
1990-93 – Anton, PISCES (audio series) Cranfield Sound Studios
1989 – Everyman, EVERYMAN, Brighton, dir. Gerald Sexton
1988 – Sebastian, WINDOW DRESSINGS  (theatre)  Leicester
1987 – Good Deeds, EVERYMAN, Maidstone, dir. Knight Mantell
1986-89 – Truman, AUDIO ADVENTURES IN TIME (audio series) Audio Visuals Co
1986-87 – Timothy, THE CLOWN THAT COULDN’T (tour) dir. Renee Martin
1985 – Michael, MICHAEL WRITES HOME, Burnley, dir. Anthony Preston
1984 – Bob Cratchit, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Burnley, dir. Anthony Preston

“Nigel Fairs as the anxiously, righteous bigot Arnold is superb in this comic role, with cute asides and clever timing.”

Time Out, School for Wives