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It's a testament to Nigel Fairs’ central performance and beautifully written script that for the first 20 minutes of this play it’s hard to believe John Haigh could be a murderer... It’s only when he pulls a gun on one of his victims – all played brilliantly by Suzanne Procter – that the audience is introduced to the true monster.

- The Argus, May 2011


Oscar Wilde tour
Nigel toured as Oscar Wilde in In Extremis with Kean Productions.

November 2012

On November 28th, Nigel performed poetry in 'Reading with the ears', a celebration of T.S.Eliot, in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

October 2011
Acid Bath tour
Nigel's successful tour of IN CONVERSATION WITH AN ACID BATH MURDERER ended at the Lowry in Salford. One reviewer called it "a quietly terrifying piece of theatre. 368 Theatre Company have made the horrific fascinating with this intelligent investigation into the life of a notorious killer which avoids psychoanalysis and allows the audience space to consider blame and motivation."

October 2011
Blake's Seven
Nigel has just finished writing BLAKE'S SEVEN: SOLITARY and BLAKE'S SEVEN: WOLF. He has recently completed the post production and music composition on DARK SHADOWS: THE CRIMSON PEARL, all for Big Finish productions. A second volume of DARK SHADOWS MUSIC, including two tracks composed by him, is now available.

August 2011
Alien Mother!
In August, Nigel appeared in My Mother was an alien - is that why I'm gay? at the Arundel Jailhouse, as part of the Arundel Festival. He also appeared in the Arundel Jailhouse comedy night as one half of the mock folk group Clantessential.

July 2011
Seven More Ages of Man
Nigel performed alongside Louise Jameson and Adam Rood in THE SEVEN AGES OF MAN on SUNDAY 31st JULY at the Lamb Inn, Eastbourne.


June 2011
Love's the Thing again!
The latest production of Nigel's play, Love's the Thing, took place at the Beacon in Tunbridge Wells on Friday 24th June.

2 June 2011
Acid bath wins award
The latest production of Nigel's play, In Conversation with an acid bath murderer, won an award at this year's Brighton Festival. The Argus Angel was presented to 368 Theatre Company for 'artistic excellence'.

7 May 2011
Big Finish CDs
Nigel has finished work on the sound design and music scores for Dark Shadows: The Carrion Queen and Unintelligent Designs, both available for Pre-order from Big Finish productions.

img16 Mar 2011
Brighton Fringe Festival
Nigel will be performing in no less than three shows during the Brighton Fringe.
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03 Feb 2011
Acid Bath Murderer on CD
A recording of the play starring Nigel Fairs, Louise Jameson, Suzanne Procter and Richard Franklin is now available to pre-order.
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06 Dec 2010
Dark Shadows
An album of some of his DARK SHADOWS music is available now from Big Finish productions.


19 Nov 2010
Visit the Murder Nights section to read a review of "The Terrible Drowning of Harry Wick"


31 May 2010
Doctor Who - The Time Vampire
The latest Doctor Who story written by Nigel Fairs and starring Louise Jameson is available now from
Big Finish productions


Nigel Fairs is a British actor, writer and composer.

He trained at Bretton Hall College and as an actor has worked on television, theatre, radio and film, performing everywhere from the West End to HM Prison Holloway!   As a writer he has more plays produced than William Shakespeare, and six musicals.   He has also written a large number of murder mystery scripts, which are performed throughout the world.

latest news

The first performance of Nigel's new one-man show, DIDN'T YOU USED TO BE DEREK JACOBI?, will take place at the Beacon in Tunbridge Wells on FRIDAY OCTOBER 25th at 9pm. DIDN'T YOU USED TO BE DEREK JACOBI? is a new play exploring a friendship forged on the West End stage, which meets a tragic end in a little terraced house in Richmond. Louise Jameson directs. Tickets available here.


IN CONVERSATION WITH ACID BATH MURDERER will have two performances at the Hawth Theatre, Crawley on SATURDAY OCTOBER 5TH. Tickets available here.



The award-winning MY GAY BEST FRIEND is currently touring the country. It stars Louise Jameson and Nigel Fairs in a sometimes comic, sometimes moving look at the friendship between would-be diva Rachel and her crap-gay best friend Gavin.



Nigel Fairs writes and performs in an hysterical and tasty murder mystery night at Arundel Jailhouse on the first Friday of every month. Book now for the next episode in the Morlington Hill Mysteries. Tickets available here.



An audio version of his stage play, My Mother was an alien - is that why I'm gay? has been released on CD, starring Louise Jameson, Max Day and Nigel Fairs. Details here.